Indiana State Disc Golf Museum

The Indiana State Disc Golf Museum was officially dedicated on April 25, 2015. The museum is located at Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point, Indiana inside the Lemon Lake Flight Center, the central hub of Lemon Lake Park. The museum and Flight Center are dedicated to the men and women who contributed countless hours to growing the sport of disc golf in Indiana and to those who built, play, maintain and visit the Lemon Lake Disc Golf Complex.

The museum is open daily to the public at 10AM CST (limited Winter hours) and located at Lemon Lake County Park at 6322 W. 133rd Ave in Crown Point, Indiana. The museum commemorates the sport of disc golf in Indiana, historical disc golf events hosted at Lemon Lake, and historical items from players and contributors from around the world.

For more information about The Flight Center or the museum, please call 219-771-3472.

We would like to thank the following contributors and
supporters of The Flight Center and for their help with
the creation of the Indiana State Disc Golf Museum.
Our sincere appreciation to:

Ed Headrick


Innova Disc Golf

The Professional Disc Golf Association

Brian Graham - PDGA Executive Director
Sara Nicholson - PDGA Staff

Jason Allind - PDGA Staff

Andrew Sweeton - PDGA Staff

Michael Downes - PDGA Staff

The Lake County Parks Board of Directors

April Brown and the Lemon Lake Park Staff

Chris Cioroianu - Park Superintendent

Rick Flutka - South Shore CVA

Steve Boylan - Indiana State Coordinator

Mike Krupicka - Illinois State Coordinator

Charlene and Jim Donovan

PDGA Hall of Fame

Indiana State Disc Golf Hall of Fame

Basket Cases DGC

Skeet Scienski

Throw Pink

Bryce Gerhls

Signs on Time

Northwest Indiana Times

Brian Cummings

Red Roc Disc Golf Club


Billy Welch

Greg Houser

Tim White

Soul Flight Disc Golf

Holiday Liquors

Dollar General

Hobby Lobby Merrillville


Todd Lewis

Walmart Merrillville

Prodigy Discs



Gateway Disc Sports


Legacy Discs

West Side Discs

Manny Duran

Nicholas Duran

Airborn Discs

Unstable Discs,

Jason Winterfelt

Jonathan Poole

Paul McBeth

The Jenkins Family

Nicholas Svitko

Honey Bear Hallow Camp Ground

Allen and Jeannie Pier

Main Street Sports

Matthew Boals

Dennis Byrne

Rick Swyers

South Shore DGC

Holly Finley

True Value Hardware Cedar Lake

North Shore Dairy Rich Merrillville

The Brugler Family

Morton Grove Illinois Historical Society

Strack & Van Til Crown Point

Strack & Van Til Munster

Costco Merrillville

Home Depot Merrillville

Uhaul Schererville